Web Applications

Web apps run in the cloud on powerful servers, meaning that you dont need big, powerful machines in your office to use them. Using a web app is just like visiting a website, except that the site is only accessible to people you choose, the only things you need are a web browser and an Internet connection.

By running software in this way you can be completely flexible. You can access your application from any platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, anything that can access the web. Your sales people on the road can see and manipulate information in the same way as if they were in the office, and different staff members can have access to different information and features.

Information is Power

We know that every business is unique, but all have one thing in common: they all have information that is critical to their success, and there is not often an off-the-shelf product that can interpret and communicate this information in the way that you want.

We specialise in information management: CRMs, Order Management, Stock Control etc., and we know how important it is for information to be available, and secure at the same time.

Our hand-picked team of developers have a wide range of experience, and take great pride in finding ways to turn our customers' problems into simple, elegant solutions.