Web Design

We love giving people what they want. Our well rounded team have the right balance of technical and creative ability to create attractive and engaging websites as well as implementing more complex features. We see every website as not only a piece of advertising literature, but also as a user friendly application for customers and staff alike.

Please see below for some examples of our recent work:

Direct Meats

Direct Meats supply premium quality meat products to many leading restaurants.

This site is highly touch-friendly, using a Windows 8 style tile layout. It also uses a 'lazy loading' method to load only the content that is different in a page, instead of reloading the whole page, this greatly improves performance and allows a pretty animation between the homepage and other pages.


Direct Meats also use our web hosting services.

Floodwall Systems

Floodwall Systems are a company who manufacture, supply and fit flood defence products.

They wanted a clean, fresh looking brochure website, with some simple ecommerce functionality. They can also add news posts through a secure administration interface, the titles scroll across the top of the page and link to the full news items.


Floodwall Systems also use our telephony and web hosting services.

Flight Homes

Flight Homes design, manufacture and build bespoke timber frame houses using innovative building technologies, and provide services for self-builders to help them build their dream homes.

Their website is friendly but professional, and purveys a lot of useful information to its visitors. They use a full CMS (content management system) to manage their site content, our role was to create the style template and some of the more crucial pages.


Flight Homes also use our web hosting services.

Direct Transportation

Specialists in moving unusual and awkward loads precisely and on time.

With a clean, professional approach, Direct Transportation wanted their website to be tidy, and to reflect the image of their company. They have a simple interface to add news posts, with thumbnail images, to be displayed in a slideshow on the homepage, and in the sidebar on other pages.


Direct Transportation also use our web hosting services.